Deer Season 2010 In New Hampshire

Archery season has been underway since September 15 and with the new changes in place it would appear it’s a slow start. As of yesterday Brian’s Archery in Barrington had only checked in 6 bucks,  and no check ins at the Isinglass store in Strafford . This is no surprise with the weather being so warm as of late. October opens both does and bucks so I anticipate an increase  in kills after then.

I have been out 2 times and have seen does both days but no bucks. There are acorns sparsely spread out on various trees, all red oak, no white, and no beech nuts. Apples are plentiful, and other browse is good. From observations and from reports of sightings from around New England, There was a good number of fawns born this past spring, many of them twins. It should be good hunting in the next few seasons.

The  turkey population seems to be exploding and should be great hunting in the present and near future. Gray squirrels are abundant, and if you want to hunt them it should be a great time. These critters are very good eating and are tons of fun. Too early for any wood duck reports, but the geese are starting to migrate so it shouldn’t be long.

In all it looks to be a great hunting season coming up. I’ll keep you posted.

Capt. Don