cod and haddock rigs and bait

The best rigs for bait are the double rig with the sinker on the bottom. Hooks should be around 8-10 inches apart, a swivel on the top and a loop on the bottom for the sinker. a  little colored surgical tubing on the hooks never hurts, just don’t over do it. There is a product out there that works like a chum pot attached to your swivel snap. It is a wire basket that holds chum and puts more smell into the water.                                                                                      Good baits are fresh clams, squid, cut mackerel, and shrimp. Be careful of frozen bait at tackle shops. If the product looks freezer burnt it probably is. Some times the shops employ poor handling when packing up the product, and some times the product has been in the freezer since last season and the shop is trying to clear it out. Always insist on a clean, fresh product.