Getting up to speed in shooting from the tree stands

Deer season is only  weeks away and if you haven’t shot your bow all summer it would be wise to start launching a few arrows every day until then.

Today I spent a few hours shooting from my tree stands, both a ladder stand and my new Summit climber. I was shooting at my 3-d white tail buck. The buck’s name is Bob and there is a funny story behind this loony looking deer. Back when I first got him Captain Ryan and I tossed him in the back of my truck and had headed out for the gun club for some 3-d shooting. We had not even gotten to the Hampton bridge when the deer’s head flew off and out the back of the truck. I was scared that it would cause a panic with some tourist( a deer head bouncing down the road) heading for the beach and cause a accident, however if you can believe it the very next vehicle behind me was one of New Hampshire’s Fish and Game officers, and he didn’t bat an eyelash over a 8 point buck head laying in the road, although I’ m sure it raised a few eyebrows back at the station when he told the story. Anyway, after assuring him I had a deer tag I got the critter’s head back and off we went to fling a few arrows.

Today I set the critter at 24 yards, (what I call the shot we’d all like to have) and shot it from both ladder and climbing stand wearing camo hunting clothes and full face mask, in this case bug netting, my choice early in the season because it acts both as camo and bug guard and is light and cool. All shots killed the deer. Next I moved Bob further out(33 yards) and changed his angle and direction. I also put some trees and branches in the line of sight with non-vital parts of his body to make it more interesting. I call this the shot we usually get instead of the 20 yard chip shot. The arrows all killed him, one a little high after nicking the leaves on a branch between me and deer, but a dead deer non the less. Note the pic of bob from ground level and the one from the tree stand aloft.

My climber is a Summit Viper SS I modified with camo netting, foam and rug. The ladder stand is a cheap-o from Wally World with a few modifications. My bow is a Hoyt  Maxis 31 set @ 70 pounds, Shaffer drop away rest, Vital gear Star tracker sight. my camera is a kodak easy share and it sucks. One thing I forgot to mention was that after I moved Bob out I elevated the climber a few feet to see better and did not notice that the tree leaned out at that height so that at full draw my elbow hit the trunk unless I leaned out beyond the shooting rail. Always select a tree that is straight or leans away from the stand to avoid this.

Capt. D.