How to hunt squirrel


A Funny Story (at least I think it is)

I just posted this little ditty elsewhere and thought I’d share it here as well.

                                                     The problem raccoons

Long ago  I lived in a house right next to my sister-in-law. She was a fruit-loop animal lover and activist. She would feed the raccoons every night at her bird feeder. I could have cared less but the troop of critters would stop off on their way from her house and raid my trash barrels for dessert. I tried everything, skunk urine, mothballs,(no moths were injured in this) cement blocks on the lids. I trapped them live and relocated them and they either found their way home, or others took their place.  Nothing worked. I even pleaded my case to the sister, but she dismissed my plight, in fact I noticed she would smirk when she would see me cleaning up the mess EVERY MORNING.

Finally, one night I looked out and saw them out there about to have at it, and I lost my patience. I opened the back door, stuck the barrel of my .22 out and nailed the biggest one between the eyes.

That was the end of them. The dead one rolled off down the hill into the weeds, and the rest ran off and never returned, at least not to my house. But it doesn’t end there. Sweet sis came charging out at the sound of the shot and wouldn’t buy my lie about firecrackers. She didn’t talk to me for 4 months, what a bonus! 🙂


This is great. Saltwater registeration for US citizens only.

How’s this for a kick in the chops? I am so furious I could kick my fishing gear overboard and move to Costa Rica. The first url is the NMFS page for saltwater fishing registration. The second one is a statement saying non US anglers are exempt. The government is out of control and on drugs.  Chalk up another win for the illegal aliens.

Nome Alaska?

No, it’s probably warmer there.

moose and dog

Norwegians yucking it up.

Story of Eunice Williams



This is a photo of an actual monument in Greenfield, Massachusetts. On this spot in 1704 Eunice Williams, wife of Reverend John Williams was killed by an Indian captor with his hatchet.

The raid on Deerfield was by a French and Indian  raiding party from Quebec. 56 colonists were killed during the raid, and 109 were taken captive and forced marched the 300 miles to Quebec. Eunice made it as far as the Green River where she faltered while crossing and was slain by her captor. Her husband made it to Canada and was later ransomed and returned to Massachusetts . Interestingly his daughter, also named Eunice chose to remain among the Indians in Quebec.

“The cruel and bloodthirsty savage who took her slew her with his hatchet at one stroke.”

And we think we have it bad these days.