Stand By, there is a possible upcoming event, Louie and I may actually go fishing tomorrow! I will definitely keep a record and pictures and post tomorrow night.

Poor Louie. He got sick and couldn’t make it. It was quite chilly out this morning, frost on the car. I contemplated a run to Strafford but it got so raw out this afternoon I canned the idea. Maybe Wednesday or Friday.


It’s official, they’re stocking the streams in NH.

I started today in Barnsted at Big Brook with no success. My next stop was in the Isinglass up from Brains Archery and landed two beauty’s first two casts with a Mepps spinner, one brookie and one rainbow. I got 6 more that I released. A fish and game officer came by to check my license and we chit-chated a few minutes. He said they had stocked this spot yesterday and were stocking all over southern NH due to the shallow water due to no winter runoff. Sooooo, if your favorite hole hasn’t been stocked yet it soon will be. Looks like great weather this week-end to go afield. The Party boats start up as well this Friday. Haddock only, but I hear the redfish are savage.
Capt. Don

2012 New Hampshire fresh water fishing

A little birdie dropped a seed in my ear that this week the stocking trucks will be out. I’m going on a trip today and sample some hot spots and will post a report and pictures tonight.
Capt. D.