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Story of Eunice Williams



This is a photo of an actual monument in Greenfield, Massachusetts. On this spot in 1704 Eunice Williams, wife of Reverend John Williams was killed by an Indian captor with his hatchet.

The raid on Deerfield was by a French and Indian  raiding party from Quebec. 56 colonists were killed during the raid, and 109 were taken captive and forced marched the 300 miles to Quebec. Eunice made it as far as the Green River where she faltered while crossing and was slain by her captor. Her husband made it to Canada and was later ransomed and returned to Massachusetts . Interestingly his daughter, also named Eunice chose to remain among the Indians in Quebec.

“The cruel and bloodthirsty savage who took her slew her with his hatchet at one stroke.”

And we think we have it bad these days.


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