Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells

Here is the original rendition from the movie “The Exorcist”, and a just incredible remake, also by Oldfield in 1998. In the newer version the guitar solo is great and the guy playing the “tubes” is doing so with a HAMMER of all things.  You might also notice I tend to like bands with nice looking women wiggling around stage.




June 2010 Fishing

The whale cod are in heavy in Ipswich Bay, but I guess the amount of boats catching them, both commercial and sport, are stacked up as well so if you want to head out there early morning, like well before sunrise, is recommended. The charter and party boats are running from Hampton and Rye harbor daily, both half day and all day trips going. With the fish only a few miles off the beach either trip will be good. Plenty of flounder along the beaches and the bass are here as well.

I got word from a tuna buddy down in Massachusetts that the tuna are there and being caught down on Stellwagon. Monster bass right outside Glouster harbor as well. It shouldn’t be long before they work their way up here to the bay and Jeffery’s.

After a very disappointing couple weeks fly fishing here in southern New Hampshire I might make one trip up country to Pittsburg before hanging up the Reddington until next spring. The streams in the southern half of the state are low and the water is way too warm for this time of year. I may try a trip out to The Great North Woods in Vermont later this month as the streams out there are of a colder nature.


Hey I talked to a friend last night  and he told me the day before he , his wife, and a friend killed the stripped bass down in the Merrimack River in Mass.  Get your rods out.