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Mid-Summer and the Upcoming Fall Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing in the ocean this time of year is an ideal time to get away from the HOT weather and enjoy being on the water with family and friends. Don’t let the myth that this time of year there is nothing to catch fool you, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The bass and mackerel are here, Blues should show up soon, tuna are around, and the flounder have been good this year along the beaches and in the rivers and harbours. Some times this time of the season the mackerel can become a little lethargic, just swim around in the chum and not bite, so a trick we used to use is to put a very small hook on your line and bait it up with a sliver of herring. They seem to like this. 

Further off shore on Jefferies Ledge the groundfish are here, and not too many dogfish from what I’ve heard. It’s true that in summer you’re probably not going to catch a million pounds of fish, but you can still put 5-10 nice eating species in your cooler most days. 

Fall fishing is fun fishing, good fat, high quality fish piling up on Jefferies to spawn and 

The bass were flying in the boat that day!

gorge themselves before heading for greener pastures for the winter. Stock your coolers well with ice and bleed all your fish before tossing them in to keep them fresh, and don’t discard your Blue Hake, they make great New England Boiled Fish Dinner. If properly taken care of  your fall catch will last you the winter untill in Spring it all starts over again. 

Tight Lines’ 

Capt. Don

So much for Trout fishing in New England this year.

All places I’ve been in the southern regions have been void of fish and water. There is one incursion I know of taking place right now over in Northern Vermont I’m waiting to hear from, but aside from that if you know of a little honey hole with a few fish in it keep it under your hat, trout are hard to come by. I wonder what Fish and Game is going to do with all the fish they couldnt,t put in the streams? I’ll try to find out and post the information at a latter date.

update on the stocking.

I just spoke with Fish and Game, always a pleasure, and according to jason, it’s pretty much over untill the fall stocking. Just as I surmised they had to stock heavy early and stop due to the drought and warm water conditions this year. apparently warm water is getting some of the trout redirected from the shallower ponds as well. I would suggest the deep lakes for the remainder of this summer.

Tight Lines!

The Isinglass Country Store in Strafford, NH.

This gas station/ store on Rollercoaster Rd in Strafford is one of the best run little country stores in southern NH, at least in my opinion. It’s not a fancy dolled up tourist trap  the likes of some down on RT. 125, it’s a store that supplies the needs of locals and visitors to Strafford. I have been hunting up there for close to 17 years and anytime I am in the area I always make a stop there to get one of their great deli subs. In fact I no longer pack lunches on outings to the woods, it’s cheap, easy, and convenient to just drive over there and pig out for short money. Without doubt the deli puts out the biggest sandwiches I have seen anywhere. They’re like the ones you see on those food shows on TV. Customer service is fast and friendly as well. Strafford is a small town next to Bow Lake in Southern New Hampshire. It’s a great place for hunting, fishing, fall leaf peeping, or a great country drive. Check it out.

                                          store is closed

I pulled in there yesterday and found the place locked tight, and all stuff removed from the shelves. After asking around I learned that apparently it was a bank foreclosure. I also gathered that the owners were not at all happy with the situation. Lets hope they can get the store back and all those put out of work come back and continue the good service they have provided in the past.  Saturday was a Hungary day for me.

What a shame.


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