Something to do in the Off Season

looking for something to do in the off hunting season to keep in the groove? Check out the 3-D archery scene. This is a great way to keep your shooting skills sharp, get good exercise, and have a ball for short money. If you’ve never heard of this sport it goes like this. The course is laid out through the woods with the targets at different “stations”The targets are 3 dimensional replicas of everything from deer to bear, moose, turkeys, etc. set in realistic hunting settings. Once on station the archer must estimate the distance to the target and take 1 shot. There are different levels of shooting skill category ranging from cubs all the way up to expert. When you register in the morning for the shoot you must declare which level you wish to compete in, although if you are a beginner or choose not to compete you may shoot from any station you wish, but your scores will not count in the competition. This is not a high pressure competition, you shoot in groups like in golf, mostly with friends or family, consisting from 3-6 shooters. If you are solo just let them know at the clubhouse when registering in the morning and they will try to hook you up with a group if that is what you want. The usual course consists of 30 stations and targets and will take from 3-5 hours to complete. Most clubs will have a barbeque or some type of food concession going for a mid-day break.
For information on this sport check with your local archery pro shop or in southern new Hampshire contact granite state bow hunters @ or for places and dates of upcoming shoots. The schedules are also posted here in the Hawkeye.
Not into archery? Check it out, it’s a fast growing fun sport. Tired of shooting alone? Try introducing friends, family and most importantly kids to shooting, it’s a great way to spend time together.