BP Oil Spill and Sharks off the New England Coast

So now the word is that much of the oil has disappeared and things are looking brighter for the Gulf Coast. Do all that believe that think all those millions of gallons  just disappeared, or that an oil thirsty Martian came down with his space craft and sucked it all up? The Martian scenario is much more likely that all that crude just disappearing.  If you believe that all that “dispersant” just made it all dissolve into thin air think again. All of it is either on the bottom or headed that way. Out of sight out of mind, or at least that’s what the US Coast Guard and British Petroleum would like everyone to believe. What kills me is the double standard the coast guard has set in this situation. For years now CG has banned us mariners from using Dawn dishwashing detergent to disperse any fuel or oil we spilled into the water because it only causes the slick to sink to the bottom, but now in BP’s case it’s ok. Hmmmm, wonder who got paid off and how much?? Oh, and one more thing for all those locals trying to point out that all is not well, Nobody in government or even management is going to listen to you. The fishermen in the Northeast have been trying for decades to explain the fisheries situation to the government, but because they are biologists and we are just stupid fishermen we are wrong. It will make yourselves crazy trying.


Recently shark sightings have been topping local newspapers and TV news casts.  Authority’s are worried about increases of numbers of sharks cruising our coastal beaches. They have a point. There probably are more sharks now, and they already know why. Since seals were made a protected species they virtually had no predators and the population has exploded. So here come the sharks looking for food. And what do the biologists do? Tag them and let them go on their way so they can study why they’re here and what they’re doing. I’m beginning to think college education is getting to be a waste of money. In reality those seals are important so as the local real estate agent trying to sell that 2.3 million dollar house to some rich person can say, ” and just look at that view of the ocean and seals right out the back deck.”  Most everybody likes to look at a seal, but to let them run unchecked is environmentally irresponsible.  Seals, along with cormorants have all but wiped out smelts here in NH and Massachusetts. They also thrive on all other aquatic creatures like lobster, haddock, and whatever else they can get their flippers on. Ask any lobsterman or gillnetter and they will tell you horror stories of seals running trap trawls tearing out bait bags and lobsters alike, or the netter hauling their fish nets and getting nothing but fish with their bellies torn out by the seals  lurking under the boat. And this happens 25 miles out to sea as well as along the shoreline.

As for the sharks, hey, they’ve been here all along. Starting in the spring Porbeagles will start to show up, and as the summer warmes the waters here in the Gulf of Maine more and more sharks of different species will migrate with the increased food that comes in on the warm tides. There have always been days in August and September when as crews on the party boats we would have to stave off many blue sharks trying to eat the passengers haddock and cod while they were reeling them up. Some times we would have to move the boat to get away from them. It’s like trying to get rid of your neighbors big stupid dog from hanging around your back yard.

The bottom line is if you want to help curb coastal shark activity, get rid of a few of the seals. It’ll never happen with all the tree huggers around.