My Choices on the best New England Deer Rifle

This is a long and hotly debated subject, the perfect deer rifle and caliber. These are my choices, not necessarily in this order.

1. The Winchester model 94 or the Marlin model 336 in 30/30, 32 special, .308 Marlin, or .358 Winchester. The .450 Marlin is WAY too much gun for deer as is the .444, but if a big hole at the end of the barrel is your thing have at it. The .358 is an old timer with ammo hard to find(as is the gun) but packs plenty of wallop in the bush.

2. The Savage model 99 in .300 Savage. It was really stupid Savage dropped this line of lever action. If you can get your hands on one in this caliber grab it while you can.

3. Remington model 722 in .257 Roberts. This caliber falls in between the .243 and the .270 Winchester.

4. Remington model 700 in .243 or .308. Although a bolt action is not my idea of a woods rifle, these two calibers are remarkable in accuracy and distance.

5. The Winchester  model 94 Big Bore in .307 Winchester because it is very close to the statistics

of the .300 Savage it was designed after, and because I have one. The ammunition, although sometimes hard to find is out there

6. The New England Firearms single shot rifle in any of the above calibers. A quality firearm for short money.

7. Any good sabot slug gun in 20 gauge.

Why anybody thinks they need a 30/06 or .270 for deer in New England is a mystery to me. Matter of opinion I guess.

I am going to amend my list here. I just got done sighting in a friends 2 rifles he will be using for the upcoming NH deer season. Both are beautiful weapons, both are Remingtons, one a 740 Woodsmaster semi-auto in 30/06, and the other a 760 Gamemaster in .300 Savage. While the ’06 is a good choice for a deer round, especially in that model Remy with a peep sight, the  “>Gamemaster .300 is a dream and joy to behold, second only to the Savage model 99. At 50 yards it’s groups are inside a quarter, and an inch high, and @ 100 yards the same group 1/4 inch high. This by far is the quintessential new england deer slayer. It will even humble my .307 as much as I hate to admit. Soooo, I will proclaim the Savage .300 as the bestest New England caliber you can shoot. There, I said it, let the shouting match start. If you want ballistics and stats, there one for each on other posts here somewhere.